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With our innovative work ways, we create value for our clients, stakeholders, and employees. These work ways have been developed by us combining deep business insight, years of experience, and understanding of how technology put the impact on a business and industry. We bring together the technical proficiency and sound infrastructure facilities to provide a myriad of Web and Application Development Solutions in alignment with client requirement. 

Key Traits of Our Web Design and Development

A manufacturing company's website design is totally different from the ecommerce website. Where a B2B website appears simple like a software engineer, the B2C website looks more like those marketing and sales with a pleasant smile. The eagerness to shake hands is evident with those constant pop-ups asking for your email IDs and phone numbers.

For a website, it is important that it effectively communicate with their users. Below, we have mentioned key traits of our designs, be it the full-fledged website or a beautifully designed Logo. 

HTML5 & CSS3 for Clean and Clutter-free Aesthetics: With a clean and clutter-free look, the purpose of your website visitors should be fully served. We analyze what your audiences are looking for on your website: information, entertainment, business discussion, any kind of interaction, or shopping. While designing a goal-specific website, we stick to the requirement rather giving up to the alluring technologies, which do not solve the purpose or is simply unimportant. 

Wordpress Themes and Plugins: Web users want information quickly. For this, a website is needed to organize properly. Categorize the headings and sub-heading, and keep the names of the category clear and simple. Heading and sub-headings should be industry or user-specific.   

Interesting Photoshop Layout Using Visual Hierarchy: Website designing at the core is about communication. As a website designer, we help you effectively communicate the ideas and information to the users quickly, or else you may lose them. Remember that people are visual-thinkers and not data processor. They cannot hold more than 7 items a page. So rather than giving massive information at one dose, we break down the information into tiny chunks, with appealing visuals. The simplest way to arrange those chunks is by keeping the important messages of the webpage at the beginning and call-to-action at the end. Colour contrast and alignment are the pillars of visual hierarchy. Where colour contrast helps in creating harmony and shift focus, alignment establishes the order in the hierarchical roles.   

Balanced colour-combination: Colors solve the purpose of the website designers in two ways: first in creating the emotional effect and second by emphasizing the important message. Notice that most of the finance companies use blue and white colours, healthcare companies play with the shades of green colour, food and beverage companies use bright orange and yellow colours, and cosmetics companies choose red, white, and black colours. We select the colours which are easy to eyes and deliver the most important message in a pleasing way. 

Readable Font for Your Website: Calligraphy is an ancient craft. In the era of computers and digital communication, it has been replaced with typography. We use the readable font that looks good in both small and large sizes. The size of the text can also be increased and decreased to an amount of importance you want to give to the text.  

Android Development for Keeping It Mobile-friendly: We create a website to open another platform for your users from your brick-and-mortar, providing anytime-anywhere access to them. 

Why Reflekt Visual Pvt. Ltd.?

We have served our clients as a reliable technology partner. See why we are our client's preference:

  • High Technical Proficiency and Reliability: We have top IT talents working with us to provide industry-specific technology solutions to our clients. Each member of the team has the specialized talent to understand the specific requirement of the clients and provide solutions accordingly. Our handpicked employees are professional and qualified, dedicated to executing the project combining knowledge and efficiency.
  • One-Stop Technology Solutions: We provide the multitude of high-quality technology solutions under one roof. This enhances our perspective by enabling us to work on different technological platforms in coordination.
  • Seamless Communication: We create one point communication from where precise information is distributed to each channel. This helps each member to put forth their ideas, which is improvised at the primary level and then forwarded to clients, after their approval executed in the project. Doors are always open for friendly debate and discussion among the team members as well as with clients. 
  • Combining Cost-efficiency and Quality advantages: Quality of the services is always high at Reflect. High quality is achieved by having professionals with right training and significant skill and following methodologies to meet the challenging work environment. Our development and management processes are simple and well-defined to make it cost-efficient. We are always open for the price review without compromising on quality.

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